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Benefits Of Bean-To-Cup Machines | Velo Coffee Roasters

Benefits Of Bean-To-Cup Machines

Whole beans go in, and fresh espresso comes out - it’s like magic! Whether you are new to making coffee or you are looking to upgrade, you can’t ever go wrong with a Bean-To-Cup coffee machine! Bean-To-Cup machines are a great addition to any coffee counter, and well worth the investment.
All Around Africa Coffee Tour | Velo Coffee Roasters

All Around Africa Coffee Tour

Celebrating the flavours and traditions of our Africa coffees! We have a variety of Africa coffees that would make for a perfect start to your day! There's so much to learn and so many places to visit!
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide | Velo Coffee Roasters

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Love is in the air and coffee is definitely in the brewer this Valentine’s Day because Velo has got you covered with our Valentine’s Day gift guide! Every love story is extra beautiful on Valentine’s Day, so start yours with a cup of Velo coffee!
Peanut Butter & Coffee Energy Bites | Velo Coffee Roasters

Peanut Butter & Coffee Energy Bites

Get a little pea-'nutty' on National Peanut Butter Day! Did you know that January 24th is National Peanut Butter Day?! Happy holidays everyone! We want to help you change up your snacking and coffee game with this delicious, easy, no-bake recipe! All you need are a few simple ingredients, your fa...
New Year, New You, New Coffee! | Velo Coffee Roasters

New Year, New You, New Coffee!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are ready to kick off 2022- we certainly are! At Velo Coffee Roasters, we have a few new coffees brewing to start the year off in the best way! Make it a New Year’s resolution to give all these amazing new coffees a try (go on… you can do...
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