Velo Coffee Roasters - Kirundo Ndava 225g Coffee Bag Burundi

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Whole Bean or Ground

Our Burundi, Kirundo Ndava is an excellent example of coffee from the region with it's clean, balanced flavours of intense sweet cranberry, crab apple and lime. 



We are excited to add our first coffee from Burundi to our range. This coffee is produced in the Ndava mill, which is made up of 700 smallholder farmers. It is based just west of Myuyinga in the northeast of Burundi near the Tanzania border. The plants are grown in the fertile red clay soils that are typical of the region and excellent environments for growing coffee.

Bourbon varieties are often grown in Burundi, and are well-known for their sweetness and body. That contributes to the big body, citrus and bright acidity that Burundian coffees are known for. The double washed processing method unique to the region results in a clean, bright flavour profile. 


Region: Kirundo-Muyinga

Varietals: Bourbon (red) and Jackson (bourbon sub-variety)

Altitude: 1,625 MASL

Harvest Period: May-August

Process: Fully Washed

Weight: 225g