India - Ratnagiri Estate Micro-Lot 225g


India - Ratnagiri Estate Micro-Lot 225g

Whole Bean or Ground:


We are excited to release one of our first limited release coffees.

This coffee is a micro-lot from the Ratnagiri Estate, meaning Pearl Mountain when translated, in India. This is an excellent coffee that benefits from the  organic and biodynamic farming approach used by the producer, Ashok Patre. Ratnagiri estate has been in operation under the Patre family since 1920, being passed down from grandfather, to father, to son. Ashok has spent many years travelling to other origin countries and taking the best from their practices and incorporating them into his own operation at Pearl Mountain (Ratnagiri Estate). 

It produces a bright and clean cup of coffee with flavours of plum jam, sultana and a green apple acidity. 


Region: Bababudangiri

Varietals: Selection 9

Altitude: 1,280 - 1,417 masl

Process: Red Honey

Weight: 225g