Velo Coffee Roasters - Finca El Cafetal 225g Coffee Bag Galapagos Islands

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This coffee has rich notes of pomegranate juice, toffee and red grape. This is a complex coffee with a syrupy Sweetness


We are excited to introduced our first coffee from the Galapagos Islands. This coffee is grown by Wilson Gonzales Ramos, who is an Ecuadorian farmer based primarily in the Galapagos Islands. His 300ha farm Finca El Cafetal is situated on San Cristóbal - formerly known by its English name Chatham Island’ - the Eastern-most island
of the Galapagos archipelago.

Coffee was introduced to the Galapagos islands almost 200 years ago and over many generations, the unique terroir of the islands have allowed arabica to develop extraordinary characteristics and flavour profiles only found in the Galapagos. Thus, while coffee is not native to the islands, Galapagos arabica is considered endemic and unique. While altitudes do not reach the heights of origins on the south American continent, the climate is relatively cool, while mineral-rich volcanic soils provide abundant nutrients. Due to the unique biodiversity of the Galapagos all pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are forbidden in order to conserve the native flora and fauna. In general, coffee cultivation in Galapagos is part of a sustainable, natural, and symbiotic relationship with the delicate ecosystem of the islands and sustainable coffee cultivation is actively encouraged. 



Region: San Cristóbal, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra

Altitude:  350 masl

Harvest Period: November - April

Process:  Fully Washed

Weight: 225g