Velo Coffee Roasters - San Adolfo 225g Coffee Bag Colombia

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Whole Bean or Ground

Limited Edition Pink Bourbon Coffee!


Truly unique and complex notes of cloudy lemonade, elderflower and jasmine. It's light and effervescent with bright and balanced acidity.


This coffee is grown by Lisandro Cárdenas from Acevedo in South Huila. He was educated in physical and sensory analysis at SENA(the Colombia National Training Service) before taking over the family farm. With a new found understand of arabica varietals, he decided to planted pink bourbon trees in place of traditional varieties of Colombia and Castillo.

Pink bourbons are truly special varietals. The coffee cherries are harvested when ripe and pink, the cherries are then fermented in an anaerobic environment for 24 hours, de-pulped and then fermented for a futher 24 hours .The coffee is then thoroughly washed and then dried in a parabolic greenhouse. The result is a light and fruity coffee with bright acidity. These coffees aren't found very often, so be sure to get this while it lasts.


Region:  Acevedo, South Huila

Varietals: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1,650-1,700 masl

Process: Washed

Weight: 225g