Wacaco CuppaMoka- Portable Pour Over Coffee Maker


Wacaco CuppaMoka- Portable Pour Over Coffee Maker



Cuppamoka - A Compact & Lightweight Travel Pour-Over Coffee Maker System

No bigger than a cup, Wacaco Cuppamoka will help you get the best coffee goodness out of your grind wherever you are, thanks to its built-in coffee dripper. 

With the use of cone paper filters, the extracted brew is perfectly clean every time.

The coffee is kept hot in the double-wall stainless steel mug - You can enjoy your drink or sip your coffee for hours directly from the leakproof drinking lid. It's prefect for at home, in the office or on the go/Hiking or camping.  

Included in the Cuppamoka box: 

  • 300ML isothermal stainless steel mug,
  • Removable filter holder,
  • Drinking lid,
  • Collecting pad,
  • 10 paper filters,
  • Scoop,
  • Multi-languages instruction book and warranty card.


Dimension: 89.5x89.5x169mm

Material: 100% BPA Free

Weight: 316g

Water Capacity : 300ml

Coffee Capacity: 20g

Extraction Time: 180 seconds