Velo Coffee Roasters - Blends Fortnightly Subscription

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Whole Bean or Ground


This is for a 2 bag subscription that comes twice per month - ground to your preference and delivered straight to your door! 

Coffee will be shipped the first and third week of every month.


  • 1 x Velo Tandem 200g
  • 1 x Velo Fixie 225g


  • Velo Fixie: This is our classic espresso blend with nutty, dark chocolate and marzipan flavours. It has medium-high body, with a bright fruity acidity that brings excellent balance to each cup.
  • Velo Tandem: This is our award-winning blend of Brazilian Cerrado and Colombian Huila & Tolima. It is a delicious blend of dark chocolate and sweet grapes with a mellow acidity and smooth body that makes this a great cup of coffee any time of day.