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Coffee Explorer Bundle

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Whole Bean or Ground


Limited Edition!


Indulge in a coffee experience like no other with the Coffee Explorer Bundle! This bundle offers an assortment of delicious coffees from Africa, known for their bold, fruity, and floral flavors that will wake up your senses. Skip the plane ticket and simply brew a cup and enjoy!


So here is what you get


1 x Sasini Estate from Kenya 

Sweet and balanced flavours of marshmallow, soft fruits and brown butter




1 x Awash River From Ethiopia 

This is an interesting and exciting mix of intense sweet mango, tropical fruits and blueberry. It has high body and acidity, which brings an excellent concentration of unique flavour to your morning cup.



Awash River 200g Coffee Bag Ethiopia - Velo Coffee Roasters

1 x Mikeno Mountain Kivu from Dr.Congo

This coffee has notes of sweet raisins, milk chocolate and ripe, juicy summer fruits. The bright, high acidity is well balanced with a high body that perfectly rounds out every cup.