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BMX 700g, India 700g and El Salvador 700g Coffee Bag Bundle

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If you love coffee as much as we do at Velo this bundle, this is the perfect box for you. It 3  of 700g bags of Velo coffee Whole Bean that is perfect for a month of coffee for a family (or one heavy coffee drinker). 

So here is what you get

 BMX 700g - Velo Coffee Roasters

 BMX 700g, 

This coffee from Brazil has rich notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and roasted nuts. Its rich, creamy body and medium acidity gives the coffee a well-balanced sweetness and long lasting finish.

India Ratnagiri Estate 700g: 


 A delicate cup with a slightly nutty, toffee flavour that is well-balanced with green apple, raspberry and milk chocolate. It has a medium-high body and acidity that comes across perfectly smooth and mellow.
India Ratnagiri Estate 700g

El Salvador Finca Las Mercedes, 700g:

The coffee has delicious flavours of milk chocolate, almond, shortbread and hints of orange. The medium body and acidity lends itself to a balanced and mild cup.