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AeroPress Clear - Coffee & Espresso Maker

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The iconic AeroPress, made with the same patented technology, now available in crystal clear Tritan™

The AeroPress  is a versatile method of brewing which has completely revolutionized coffee brewing (Check it out). The device is travel-friendly, easy to clean and durable. The box contains all you need. Just add fresh coffee, hot water and enjoy your cup!

This device was invented in 2005 and has become an extremely popular method for brewing coffee, especially for "coffee on the go". World AeroPress Championships are now held to determine the best technique, which shows the versatility this device offers.


  • 1 x AeroPress Clear 
  • 1 x Coffee Scoop
  • 1 x Stirrer
  • 1 x Brewing Instructions
  • 1 x Pack of Paper Micro-filter


If you're looking for any of the accessories separately we've got those too: