Hario V60 Pour Over Kit and Velo Coffee

€39,95 €54,00

Hario V60 Pour Over Kit and Velo Coffee

€39,95 €54,00
Whole Bean or Ground:

Limited Time Only!

Enjoy your favourite Velo coffee when you purchase the Hario V60 Pour Over Kit. It is a great starter pack for beginners or makes a nicely packaged gift for any coffee lover. It brews about 3-5 cups, which makes it perfect for brewing a couple of cups to start the day. The beautiful red, design would make an excellent addition to your breakfast table.

Coffee Included

Colombia, Dulima 225g: Our single origin Colombia captures the essence of what a fine Colombian coffee should be. It has a rich milk chocolate and caramel flavour that finishes with notes of tart apple and red fruit. It has a medium-high body and high acidity, which lends to a nice brightness, complexity and clean finish to your cup.

Brazil, Eagle Monte Carmelo 225g: This delicious coffee from Brazil has notes of rich chocolate, dried fruit, sugar cane and nuts. Sweet with a long lasting finish. This coffee brings a rich, medium-dark body and medium to low acidity that is a favourite among our customers.

Product Details

  • V60 Red Dripper 02 Size
  • V60 Coffee Server 02 Size, 600ml
  • Coffee Filter Papers Pack 02 Size
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Brewing Instructions - Alternatively you can watch our brewing instructions here
  • Colour: Red