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Ratnagiri Honey Selection 6 200g Coffee Bag India

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Whole Bean or Ground



This coffee has delicious flavours of caramel and apple that melt together to create a perfectly balanced cup of coffee to keep you cycling through the day.


Ratnagiri Estate has produced another exciting and delicious micro lot for us. Ratnagiri estate has been in operation under the Patre family since 1920, being passed down from grandfather, to father, to son. The Patre family place an emphasis on sustainable farming to ensure that they are providing their coffee and the surrounding land with the nutrients and biodiversity needed to thrive. This approach leads to the quality that is seen across all of his coffees. This micro lot is a further example of his skill with using various processing methods to develop a high quality and delicious coffee. 


Region: Bababudangiri

Varietals: Selection 6 

Altitude: 1,280 - 1,400 masl

Harvest Period: December - March

Process: Honey

Weight: 200g