Sage Water Filter and 2 Bag Bundle


Sage Water Filter and 2 Bag Bundle

Whole Bean or Ground:

We've paired our top selling Sage accessories with our best selling, award-winning Velo coffee. There's no chance of forgetting to pick up your coffee with this new bundle!


1x Sage SwissClaro Water Filter

1x Bag of Velo Tandem - 200 g

1x Bag of Velo BMX - 200 g

This Coffee is a Single Origin Coffee from the town of Monte Carmelo in the Cerrado region of Brazil.

Process: Pulped Natural. 
Altitude: 1800 to 2000 masl. 
Variety: Catuai, Mundo Novo
Flavour: Notes of Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Roasted Nuts.
Acidity: Delicate.
Body: Medium and Creamy

Velo Tandem

It's the perfect half & half blend of Brazilian Cerrado and Colombian Huila & Tolima.

Flavours: Dark Chocolate and Sweet Grapes

Mellow Acidity & Smooth Body