Upgrade Your Brew!

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Ready to upgrade your coffee game? We have everything you need to take your morning brew to the next level. This has everything you need A bundle that has everything that you need to update your coffee counter and make delicious Velo Coffee

  • The Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper - Size 02: Beautiful, well-designed dripper from Timemore that ensures the perfect pour over every time. Ideal for up to 4 cups. Includes 02 filter papers.
  • The Rhinowares Coffee Grinder: The perfect solution for grinding coffee on-the-go. Ideal for those who like to brew their own coffee whilst traveling, or just at work and home.
  • The Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale: Simple and sleek design made for a good cup of coffee. The high temperature insulation with waterproof and non-slip function make it perfect to both weigh your beans and brew your pour over. 
  • Coffee of the Month (wholebean): We change up our coffee every month to highlight new regions, flavour profiles and producers. All of our coffees are 100% arabica and can be traced directly back to the farms.