Velo Coffee Roasters - Chaguite Grande 225g Coffee Bag Nicaragua


Velo Coffee Roasters - Chaguite Grande 225g Coffee Bag Nicaragua

Whole Bean or Ground:


This coffee has a rich creamy body and flavours of dark chocolate and well balanced acidity that will have you coming back for that second cup. 


We have another coffee from Nicaragua that we are delighted to offer to you. The Chaguite Grande is a small farmer coffee community whose main income relies on coffee production. It is an amazing family operation that involves members of the extended family throughout the pre and post-harvest period. As they are new coffee farming, the farms are highly productive and they are eager to learn about new processes and farming practices to strive for excellent quality in every cup.

This coffee is an excellent example of the work they are putting in on a daily basis. They have created their own version of a wet hulled coffee, a process common in Indonesia, to create a coffee full of intense flavours and aromas. 


Region: Chaguite Grande, Matagalpa

Varietals: Caturra and Catimor sub-varieties

Altitude: 1,190 - 1,265 MASL

Process: Wet Hulled

Weight: 225g