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Timemore Ice Dripper Bundle

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Experience a refreshing and bold new way to enjoy iced coffee with the Timemore Ice Dripper Bundle. This set includes the innovative Timemore ice dripper, perfect for creating a smooth and rich brew. With Nicer ice and Velo's  Awash river or half caff,  elevate your iced coffee game and indulge in a truly delightful and flavorful experience.


So here is what you get

Timemore Ice Dripper Set - Velo Coffee Roasters

Timemore Ice Dripper

Elegant Design that is easy to use, contains glass server for pouring up your cold brew. Ice coffee in less that 3 hours, or longer if you choose! Has the added benefit of fitting into your fridge as it's not so bulky.

You'll need:  Velo's  Awash or Half Caff Ground Coffee  coffee, ice cubes and cold water. Approx 30g coffee , 360ml water

brewing instructions here

Puck Puck Nicer Ice Tray

The Puck Puck Nicer ice cube tray is perfect for iced coffees, cocktails and everything in between. In each Nicer ice box you will find an individually shaped silicone BPA free tray and a cocktail guide inspired by the shapes.



1 x Shaped Ice Tray

1 x Cocktail Guide

Puck Puck Nicer Ice Cube Tray - Velo Coffee Roasters

Your Choice of Velo Coffee

Choose from Awash River from Ethiopia or Velo's Half Caff


200g Coarse Ground Coffee