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Las Mercedes Frankenstein 200g Coffee Bag El Salvador

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Whole Bean or Ground


Limited Edition



Experience the delicious flavors of green apple, raisin, stone fruit, and caramel in every sip of Las Mercedes Frankenstein from El Salvador.


Inspired by the special coffee harvest, Fernando made the decision to combine two different processed coffee's to create the unique and irresistible Las Mercedes Frankenstein coffee. This bestseller has captured the hearts of our staff and is sure to become a favorite among coffee lovers.

It is grown by Fernando & Juan Aguilar from Las Mercedes & Santa Maria across 160 hectares of shade-rich nature on the north-eastern slope of the San Salvador Volcano. Las Mercedes and sister estate Santa Maria are surrounded by 100 hectares of nature reserve designated as a part of the Meso-American biological corridor, including a remarkable 'mini rainforest'. Given the importance of the perseveration of the forest, the Aguilar family, in conjunction with a local NGO, have two park rangers that look after the protected natural forest year-round.

The Aguilar family have been producing coffees here for the past 6 generations.



Region: San Salvador Volcan

Varietals: Cuscatleco and Sarchimor

Altitude: 1,350 - 1,700 masl

Harvest Period: January - March

Process: Honey & Extended Fermentation

Weight: 200g