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Velo Coffee Roasters is officially a B Corp Certified Company! 
We are so proud to be the FIRST coffee roastery in ROI to have joined 8090+ prestigious companies world wide who envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good. It's just the next step in our journey and commitment to bring together people and communities through coffee.


What is B Corp?

It’s a certification which examines a company's impact across 5 impact areas - governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. The assessment process by B Lab is a rigorous and holistic process, not simply focusing on one single social or environmental issue. Rather, the assessment measures a business’s positive impact on society and the environment through a set of customized questions that reflect impact indicators, best practices, and outcomes across the entirety of the business.

Our Sustainability Impact

At Velo, we wanted to bring speciality coffee to the retail space so that everyone could enjoy high quality coffee. Part of the joy and beauty of coffee is the story behind each bag, so we knew that from the start we had to focus on our environmental and social impact. We partnered with Covoya (previously Olam) to ensure that we had full traceability back to our farms and could develop lasting relationships with our suppliers. 

Despite are small size, we made a commitment to do our part where we can. From day 1, we donated .10 of every kg of Colombia coffee beans we purchased to a fund that supports projects at origin. It covers everything from training to building bridges in the local communities.

We knew we wanted to focus on making a meaningful impact on communities. From our team members and loyal customers to our inspiring suppliers and local communities, we view Velo as a cohesive community. Coffee has the power to bring people together, and we aim to leverage that power through responsible sourcing and production.

Now that we have acheived this certification we are now on our journey of improvement. At Velo, we are always learning and growing to bring our customers the best experience possible. Over the next 3 years we will continue to create a positive impact at origin as we develop direct projects with our suppliers, as well as continue our support wider projects such as Cafe Delas. We will also continue to decrease our environmental impact through lean production, materials and innovation. 

The entire Velo team got behind the pursuit of the rigorous accreditation, but it compelled us to be even better and optimise our operations for the betterment of the planet, which ultimately will foster trust among suppliers and customers alike.