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Who We Are

From cafe owners to artisan roasters

Velo Coffee Roasters started at the side of a Cork City cafe. Owner, Rob Horgan, wanted to bring his customers best in class coffee and Velo was born. He trained with Probat Roasters in Germany in 2018 and everyone loved it. He launched with the first ever Grow with Aldi programme and the rest is history.

What We Do

We are more than just a coffee roastery. We started Velo with a vision to bring speciality coffee to retail. With our supplier Covoya, we meticulously source our coffee so we can keep our commitment to secure a direct line of traceability back to the farm, build partnerships with farmers and help with local projects. We keep quality at the core of everything that we do; roasting and crafting our coffees to deliver the finest specialty coffee to our customers around the world. 

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Our Mission

Velo Coffee Roasters is deeply committed to environmental and social responsibility and believe in creating a positive impact on the communities we touch. We work tirelessly to support local farms and communities, source sustainably, and champion farmers using sustainable farming methods, ensuring that every sip of our coffee has a positive story to tell. We believe in the power of coffee to bring people together. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a homebrewing novice, Velo will unlock the perfect coffee experience. We are always ready to share their knowledge and passion for coffee with their customers.