Velo Coffee Roasters - BMX 200g and Tandem 200g Monthly Pack

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Whole Bean or Ground

Do you love your morning cup of coffee? This bundle has you sorted for your daily cup. It comes with 2 bags of Velo Tandem and 2 bags of Velo BMX that is perfect for a month of coffee. This comes in a standard box, so perfect for international shipping. It comes in both a ground and whole bean option. 


In This Bundle: 
  • BMX, 200g:  This coffee has rich notes of chocolate, dried fruit, sugar cane and nuts. Its rich, creamy body and medium acidity gives the coffee a well-balanced sweetness and long lasting finish. 
  • Tandem, 200g: A well-balanced blend of dark chocolate and sweet grapes. The mellow acidity and smooth body makes this a great cup of coffee any time of day.