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12 Days Of Christmas Coffee


Happy Christmas from Velo Coffee Roasters! 

On the first day of Christmas Velo gave to me... You'll have to come back Christmas Day to find that out!

We are counting the 12 days of Christmas and we have a coffee for you to try each day! Each morning the coffee of the day will be revealed. Just scan the QR code on that day's bag, and follow the link on each picture. Our elves are so excited to share these holiday surprises with you, so no peeking!

Each bag has 60 grams of coffee which is perfect for brewing about 4 cups of coffee with your favourite method. Check out our brew guides for tips on all our favourite brewing methods. 

Day #1
Day #2
Day #3
Day #4
Day #5
Day #6 
Day #7
Day #8
Day #9
Day #10
Day #11
Day #12
Be sure to share your favourite brews on your social pages with the hashtag #LoveVelo!