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Pour Over

The Pour Over Method focuses on a percolation brew, which is when water filters through the coffee. There is more to this method than the French Press or AeroPress but, there is more control over the flavour. This method produces a brighter and more complex tasting cup, with more fruity and tea like notes coming through. If you want to take your coffee experience to the next level, we highly recommend adding a V60 brewer to your repertoire.

The Pour Over Method
 60g/L (i.e. 6 heaped teaspoons per standard cup).

Building your Coffee:
  1. Boil fresh water. 
  2. Fold the V60 filter paper along the seam and place into the brewer and rinse with hot water to preheat the device. Discard that water (rinsing the filter paper removes any trace of papery taste.)
  3. Grind 15g of coffee to medium coarseness (we offer a free grinding service with all coffee purchased!)
  4. Add your coffee to the brewer and place it on top of the cup or serving jug.
  5. Place this on a scale and tare. Begin slowly pouring 50g of hot water to saturate the coffee and let it bloom for 30 seconds.
  6. In a circular motion, slowly pour 50g of water every 30 seconds until a total of 250g is achieved.
  7. Let all water drip through until the bed of coffee looks dry (that should ideally take 2.5-3.5 minutes!)
  8. Remove the brewer from your cup
  9. Enjoy!

The Final Product:

Velo Coffee V60 Pour Over Coffee

That's a fine looking cup of coffee!