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Coffee roasting is a fascinating world in its own right. Green coffee beans neither smell nor taste of coffee as you know it.The flavour and aroma we recognise as coffee emerges during the roasting process. 

We believe in using the best ingredients to produce high-quality, great tasting coffee. We visited and chose our selected green bean merchants for their passion for great coffee. Our roasting style is light to medium, with each of our coffees roasted with a specific profile to enhance the distinct and unique qualities particular to each coffee. We roast a variety of single origin coffees, as well as original, award-winning blends under the Velo label - Velo Tandem and Velo BMX.

Velo Tandem Green Bean

We roast in a Probatone 12, designed by the German company Probat, who have been designing roasting equipment since 1868. This roaster allows us to monitor the roasting profile in detail which makes it our perfect match.