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Tracing Our Beans

We are often asked about the background of our beans. Where do they come from? How did they get to Velo? Are they ethically sourced? While it would take paragraph upon paragraph to describe the entire story from the beginning of a bean to the delicious drink in your coffee cup, we can clarify the process a bit so you know a bit more about what you're drinking.

In case you haven't seen the Velo Roasters page yet, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality coffee from the best sources possible. From our in-depth research, we have chosen Olam Specialty Coffee as one of our main green bean suppliers. Olam prides themselves in quality, growth, change and other personal values. We deeply felt that those principles needed to be represented in our coffee and wanted the best coffee for our customers too. 

The life of our beans begins in all corners of the world, including Brazil, India, Kenya, and Ethiopia, among other places. They are farmed at a higher altitude, which results in a slower maturation process that gives our beans a distinct flavour and strong acidity. Most of our coffee is washed, although our Ethiopian beans are harvested. This is where the fruit is removed and the seed (the coffee bean) is dried, making Ethiopia our most naturally processed coffee bean. Once we choose the finest beans, we roast them to best highlight the characteristics of each coffee before they are either sold to various shops and cafes or in our online shop.


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