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Biepi MC-1 Barista Pro - Three group

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The Biepi MC-1 Barista PRO is the evolution of the MC-1. This fully professional espresso coffee machine comes with independent groups designed to achieve the prefect temperature for each group and for any type of coffee, always guaranteeing high performance and energy savings.


Temperature Control: New technology specifically designed to reach the perfect temperature for each independent brewing group, which allows you to extract any blend of coffee to perfection. Set the temperature, push the button and taste the best cup of espresso!

Energy Efficient: Energy saving and high performance . Forget high costs on the way to reaching the prefect temperature. Get the most out of our espresso machine with low energy consumption.

Electronic Boiler Temperature: Allowing you to set the ideal pressure to keep the coffee constant.

Modern Interface: Simple and intuitive touch screen display to adjust the temperature of the groups and the boiler with LED lighting guarantees maximum visibility of the working area. 

Nanotech Treatment:  The Nanotech coating on the portafilter bod, Coffee Spout and steam wands ensures that no coffee or milk residues are left inside.

Cool-Touch Steam Wands:  The cool-touch steam wands and fast-opening steam knobs with newly designed portafilters and steam knobs.


Dimensions : 96.5 x 58.5 x 53cm

Weight: 78 kg

Voltage: 380-415V

Wattage: 6265W

Boiler Capacity: 17 Litres

Colour: Brown with wooden handles