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Velo Mixed 700g Coffee Bundle with Free Gift

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If you love coffee as much as we do at Velo this bundle, this is the perfect box for you. It 3  of 700g bags of Velo coffee Whole Bean that is perfect for a month of coffee for a family (or one heavy coffee drinker). 

So here is what you get

 BMX 700g - Velo Coffee Roasters

 BMX 700g, 

This coffee from Brazil has rich notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and roasted nuts. Its rich, creamy body and medium acidity gives the coffee a well-balanced sweetness and long lasting finish.

India Ratnagiri Estate 700g: 


 A delicate cup with a slightly nutty, toffee flavour that is well-balanced with green apple, raspberry and milk chocolate. It has a medium-high body and acidity that comes across perfectly smooth and mellow.
India Ratnagiri Estate 700g

El Salvador Finca Las Mercedes, 700g:

The coffee has delicious flavours of milk chocolate, almond, shortbread and hints of orange. The medium body and acidity lends itself to a balanced and mild cup.




The perfect gift with a conscience. The ideal present for your fellow coffee addicts. With the promotion of reusable cups on the rise, why not get your loved ones their very own Tople Cup. The Tople cup is built for better drinking. Tople is vacuum insulated to keep drinks both hot and cold. Twist and lock the lid to ensure any residue stays in the cup.


Spill-Safe Technology: The patented safety vale shuts responsively if TOPLE topples, saving you from spills.

DRINK 360°: Sip from any angle, just like an open ceramic mug.

STAINLESS STEEL: Our cups are high quality, odour resistant stainless-steel.

NON-SLIP BASE: Our cups have a silicone base pad for grip on slippery surfaces.

  • Brand:Tople
  • Body material: stainless steel
  • Lid: spill resistant
  • Capacity: 8oz, 236ml
  • NOT Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free


Tople Travel Cup - Velo Coffee Roasters