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Buena Vista 200g Coffee Bag Nicaragua

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Whole Bean or Ground



This is a rich coffee has notes of stawberry, vanilla custard and biscuits. It is full-bodied and well-balanced.


We have another coffee from Nicaragua that we are delighted to offer to you. The Peralta Family farm  is situated in the San Fernando, Nueva Segovia Region of Nicaragua, close to the Honduras border. The farm is nestled within lush forested hills, making this prime specialty coffee country. Nicaragua has a long history with coffee but over the past few years has become increasingly well known for top specialty coffee due to the influence of producers like Julio and Octavio who continue to position themselves at the forefront of specialty coffee innovation.

This lot was produced using natural process with an extended anaerobic fermentation. It is a long process that can last over 30 days, but patience is rewarded! This creates a complex and delicious coffee bursting with flavour and sweetness. 


Region:  San Fernando, Nuveva Segovia

Varietals: Catuai

Altitude: 1,500 MASL

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Weight: 200g