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Chemex Bundle

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Everything you need to get brewing beautiful pour-over coffee at home. We have bundled together the stunning, pure glass Chemex 6 Cup, Chemex filter papers, and a 200g bag of our Colombia Dulima coffee. This bundle is great for minimalists and coffee aficionados alike.

So here is what you get


Chemex - 6 Cup

Since 1941, Chemex® has been brewing the best filtered coffee through their perfect blend of art and science. The unique properties of pure glass carafe ensure the natural flavour of your Velo Coffee Every time. Used with the patented Chemex® bonded filters, it delivers the perfect cup of coffee without any sediments or bitter elements.

Value: €57.50

Chemex Bonded Filter Paper

Fiber filter design and cone shape is 20%-30% thicker than competition and ensures uniform extraction for pure coffee flavour. Oxygen cleansing is a bleach-free process, ensuring no chemical residue or taste is left on the filter to deliver the perfect cup of coffee without any sediments or bitter elements.

Value: €17.00

Dulima Colombia

This coffee has a rich milk chocolate and caramel flavour that finishes with notes of tart apple and red fruit. It has a medium-high body and high acidity, which lends to a nice brightness, complexity and clean finish to your cup.

Our single origin Colombia captures the essence of what a fine Colombian coffee should be. Great coffees can be found in several departments throughout Colombia, but Huila has become a major contender among them, producing the most coffee by volume. Its coffee has gained a highly-respected reputation both inside and outside Colombia.

200g Medium Ground Coffee

Value: €9.50