Velo Coffee Roasters - Mexico Innovation Extended Fermentation 225g Coffee Bag Mexico

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Whole Bean or Ground



This coffee has quickly become a Velo favourite. The flavours of apple, chocolate and toffee with notes of toasted biscuit would brighten up anyone's morning.



We are excited to add our first coffee from Mexico to our range, but this isn't just any coffee. It is an experimental extended fermentaion process where the producers, the Zili and Sameire families, took fresh coffee cherries, pulped them carefully, and added a yeast starter culture to the fermentation tank. They allowed the fermentation to extend about two to three times the normal fermentation while monitoring a variety of indicators before finally washing and drying the coffee. They found that the process increased the cup score almost 3 points on the SCA scale and the cup profile tasted a bit like a coffee from East Africa instead of its native region of Huatusco. It is a truly one of a kind of coffee that we are delighted to share.

The coffee is produced Huatusco, in the central highlands of Veracruz. When coffee first came to Mexico from the Caribbean, this was where the region where it was planted. The combination of cool, high altitudes and a verdant subtropical climate are ideal for growing coffee. For Gerardo Sampieri and his brother, who have always been coffee farmers, the rugged mountain region around Huatusco is home. 



Region: Huatusco, Veracruz

Varietals: Costa Rica, Marsellesa and Colombia

Altitude: 1,308 masl

Harvest Period: November - April

Process: Washed - Extended Fermentation with yeast starter culture

Weight: 225g