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Timemore Chestnut G3 - Manual Coffee Grinder

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Despite being the new kids on the block, Timemore has swiftly risen to prominence in the world of specialty coffee, and their award-winning designs compete with some of the top grinders out there.

This manual grinder is perfect for turning your chosen coffee beans into exceptional grounds that are ideal for Aeropress, Pour over , Moka Pot and Espresso.  This grinder has a unique design with round inside and square outside instead of the traditional cylindrical shape, which is not only elegant but also non-slip.

The Timemore G3 grinder uses  stainless steel conical burrs, The inner burr has vertical lines going up across the upper part of the burr. This design cuts the beans into smaller fragments before being ground which has been shown to afford a more consistent grind and faster throughput. Their patent dot-scale adjuster makes it easy to choose the right grind size, every time. 



Includes: Carry bag, instruction manual and cleaning brush and display case.

Material: Stainless Steel & Black Walnut 

Capacity: 25g

Weight: 560g