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Great Taste, Great Coffee! - Velo Coffee Roasters

Great Taste, Great Coffee!

We are so proud to have a number of award-winning single origin and original blend coffees! The Great Taste Awards and Blas na hÉireann Food Awards are highly respected achievements. Each year, tens of thousands of food products compete for these awards. Make sure to try these great coffees!

 The stars are aligned with Velo coffee!

Have you tried any of our award winning coffees yet?! We are very proud to have a number of our coffees receive awards from Great Taste and Blas na hÉireann Food Awards! The Guild of Fine Food Retailers put these awards together in 1994 to highlight high quality, great tasting specialty foods. Blas na hÉireann is now in its 14th year. Each of these competitions comes with highly sought-after recognition of international food excellence. These awards are well-recognised and highly respected internationally. 


Velo Coffee Roasters is absolutely delighted to announce that SIX of our coffees brought home a Great Taste Award this year! Care to venture a guess? Maybe it was one of your favourites! Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in! Grab a cup of Velo and keep on reading!

First up we have our 1-star coffees: Uganda Bukhanakwa, and for the second year in a row, Ethiopia Awash RiverBukhanakwa is our first coffee from Uganda. It comes from a remote farmer group in Mount Elgron which is steeped in coffee tradition! The community has extremely good coffee, and with notes of lemon, lime, red grape skin and mars bar, our Bukhanakwa is no different! Our two-time 1-star winning Ethiopia Awash River is from the Yirgacheffe region - one of the many sought after coffees from this region! Awash River has flavours of sweet mango, tropical fruits and blueberry. Sure sounds like a winner!

Kicking it up to our 2-star coffees: Guatemala Blue Ayarza Vinoso, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Colombia DulimaDulima comes from the Huila region in Colombia. This region posts the most coffee in Colombia by volume. This coffee has a rich milk chocolate and caramel flavour that finishes with notes of tart apple and red fruit! Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is another great example of the high-quality coffees produced in the Yirgacheffe region.

This coffee has flavours of rich black cherry and sugar cane with floral notes and an earl grey finish - pour us a cup! To wrap up our 2-stars is Guatemala Blue Ayarza Vinoso! This is one of the favourite coffees in the office with flavours of dark chocolate, grape and plum - perfectly sweet and winey! The region is marked by dramatic landscape and cold water from Laguna Azul - sounds as lovely as the coffee tastes!

And now, presenting to you, our 3-star award-winning coffee *drumroll* Velo Morning Fixie (and the crowd goes wild!) We are so proud of our Morning Fixie original blend. This was actually the first coffee blend from Velo! Morning Fixie is made up of Colombia Oporapa, DR Congo Mount Mikeno, El Salvador Santa Maria and Brazil Eagle Monte Carmelo (many of which we produce as single origins as well!) Fixie is a classic espresso blend with nutty and dark chocolate flavours with a hint of bold fruit - definitely a well deserved award for this coffee!

One of our coffees brought home a silver medal in Blas na hÉireann Food Awards this year as well... Ladies and gentlemen, our El Salvador Fincas Las Mercedes! This coffee has delicious flavours of milk chocolate, almond, shortbread and hints of orange. The medium body and acidity lends itself to a balanced and mild cup. This coffee is definitely an in-house favourite here at Velo! 

All of our award-winning coffees are available on our website! Brew like a winner with Velo coffee!