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Myth-Busters : Coffee Edition - Velo Coffee Roasters

Myth-Busters : Coffee Edition

Myth-Busters! Coffee edition. If you’re like us here at Velo, you can’t start your morning without your delicious cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the most mythicised beverages in the world!

Myth-Busters! Coffee edition. 

If you’re like us here at Velo, you can’t start your morning without your delicious cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Coffee is also one of the most mythicised beverages in the world. It’s time to bust some of the most common coffee myths out there! So, brew a cup of your favourite Velo coffee and come along with some Coffee Myth-Busters!

1.) Vacuum-Sealed Packaging Equals Fresh Coffee

The coffee roasting process causes the beans to release carbon dioxide. This will continue for a number of days after the beans are roasted. If the beans were packed in a vacuum-sealed bag, it’s very likely that the coffee bag will burst! (Coffee beans, EVERYWHERE!) The best way to package coffee is in valve-sealed bags. The valve allows the carbon dioxide to escape the bag, but does not allow for oxygen to get in! This will ensure the coffee’s freshness and taste!

The Costa Rica Trio - Velo Coffee Roasters

2.) Dark Roast Coffee Contains More Caffeine 

WRONG! This might be a shock to the system, but dark roast coffee does NOT have more caffeine than light roast coffee. Don’t worry - whatever your preferred roast is, you’ll still get your caffeine boost. BUT, light roast coffee actually contains more caffeine than dark roast! Light coffee is roasted for less time, it’s denser & heavier than dark roast beans, which lose more water during the process and will weigh less. Therefore, each particle of ground light roast ends up containing more caffeine than a particle of ground dark roast.

3.) Freezing or Refrigerating Coffee Will Keep It Fresh

Coffee tends to absorb the air around it and cold environments are too damp for your precious coffee! Storing coffee beans in the refrigerator may cause the beans to absorb other odours in the fridge, which can change the taste of your coffee. Try keeping your coffee in an airtight container in the pantry to keep it fresh!

Finca Casa De Piedra Gesha Natural 200g Coffee from Costa Rica - White and Green coffee Bag Velo Coffee Roasters

4.) Light-Roast Coffee is Less Complex

Light-roast coffees keep more acidity and flavour from their origin because they are roasted for a shorter time. These coffees retain more of the natural flavours the coffee enthusiasts go crazy for, such as the floral & fruity notes!Hope you learned something new today! Brew a cup and enjoy! 


BMX 700g Coffee Bag Brazil - 12 Months Pre-Paid Subscription Blue and Green Bag -  - Velo Coffee Roasters

Finally, our last myth that we’re busting … 

5.) The Hotter, The Better 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to pour BOILING water over your coffee. The tasty flavour notes in your coffee depend on temperature - so water is very important! Coffee shouldn’t be brewed at temperatures higher than 94ºC to ensure it doesn’t become burnt. For optimal flavour, it’s suggested that hot coffee be enjoyed in the range of 68°C – 77°C!