New Year, New You, New Coffee!

New Year, New You, New Coffee!

New Year’s resolutions aren’t the only things brewing at Velo!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are ready to kick off 2022- we certainly are! At Velo Coffee Roasters, we have a few new coffees brewing to start the year off in the best way! Make it a New Year’s resolution to give all these amazing new coffees a try (go on… you can do it!) 

To kick things off, we have quite the rarity to share with you! We have a limited edition Pink Bourbon coffee from San Adolfo Colombia! Pink bourbons are truly special varietals. The coffee cherries are harvested when ripe and pink, the cherries are then fermented in an anaerobic environment for 24 hours, de-pulped and then fermented for a further 24 hours.The coffee is then thoroughly washed and then dried in a parabolic greenhouse. This coffee has unique and complex notes of cloudy lemonade, elderflower and jasmine! These coffees are truly a rare find, so try it while you can! 

Dumerso is a village in Ethiopia with a reputation for some of the most sought-after microlots in the world due to the clean water, high altitude, fertile soils and abundant sunshine and local knowledge. Just a few reasons why we are so excited about this coffee! Dumerso has complex flavours of cranberry and blueberry balanced with hints of lavender and floral notes.

We have a new rare coffee joining us from Kenya! This new coffee, Sasini Estate, comes to us from Kiambu. What makes this coffee so special? This is a natural processed coffee. In Kenya, speciality natural processing is a rarity. The cherries are dried on raised African beds in the sun for 6 weeks, and carefully turned to ensure a consistent drying process. There’s certainly a lot of work that goes into this delicious coffee, definitely making it worth trying! Who doesn’t love sweet and balanced flavours of marshmallow, soft fruits and brown butter? YUM!

We are happy to introduce our first coffee from Costa Rica! This coffee comes from the Los Tucanes Farm in Leon Cortes, Tarrazu. This is a white honey processed coffee. White honey coffees tend to be mechanically washed, leaving minimal mucilage around the bean. Mucilage is extremely sweet and sticky, like honey! This coffee has notes of salted caramel and blackberry. It has a syrupy body and intense flavour - indulge your sweet tooth!

Last but certainly not lease, we have two new coffees from India! The first coffee is Ratnagiri Anaerobic Natural. This is another micro-lot coffee from the Ratnagiri Estate. This is an excellent coffee that benefits from the biodynamic farming approach used by the producer. This coffee is nutty and creamy with delicious, complex flavours.

The second coffee from India is Ratnagiri Honey Cavery, another delicious micro-lot from this region with flavours of sweet toffee flavour balanced with bright citrus!

There you have it! Sip your way into 2022 with our new, delicious, and rare coffees!