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Gift Guide for the Coffee Pros

We truly believe you can never have too many coffee accessories and products! That's why we have created a gift guide for the coffee pros in your life. Find the perfect gift for the coffee geek looking to upgrade their brew bar, or bring a new addition to their coffee counter!

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  1. De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio- Espresso Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel - Velo Coffee Roasters
    + Free Coffee
  2. De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio - Espresso Coffee Machine - EC9355.BM - Velo Coffee Roasters
    + Free Coffee
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  6. De'Longhi Coffee Care Kit DLSC306 - Velo Coffee Roasters
  7. Velo Coffee Roasters Reusable Travel Mug - Velo Coffee Roasters
  8. De'Longhi Dinamica - Bean To Cup Espresso Coffee Machine - Black - ECAM350.15.B -  Black body with Stainless Steel  elements with homescreen in front with bottonsVelo Coffee Roasters
    + Free Coffee
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  9. AeroPress XL - Coffee & Espresso Maker - Velo Coffee Roasters
  10. BMX 700g Blue and Green bag from Brazil , India 700g Pink and green Bag and El Salvador 700g  Orange and Green Bag Coffee Bag Bundle - Velo Coffee Roasters Three in a  box
  11. BMX 700g Coffee From Brazil  Blue and Green Bag Bundle - Three in a box - Velo Coffee Roasters
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