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Talk Coffee To Me!

How To: Choose Your Brew | Velo Coffee Roasters

How To: Choose Your Brew

There are a million and one ways to brew your coffee these days: French Press, AeroPress, Drip Coffee… where do you even begin?! Don’t worry, your friends at Velo Coffee Roasters are here to help. Today, we are going to break down some of the most common brewing methods to help give you some dire...
Velo Favourite Recipes! | Velo Coffee Roasters

Velo Favourite Recipes!

Cakes, brownies, & bites oh my! We have compiled some of our all-time favourite recipes for you! These recipes are sure to WOW your family and friends. Each recipe is simple, easy, coffee-filled, and delicious. Have a go at one (or all three!)
Digging Into Decaf | Velo Coffee Roasters

Digging Into Decaf

Don’t drink coffee to wake up - wake up to drink coffee! Have you tried our delicious Decaf coffee yet? It’s from Ratnagiri Estate in India. We have a range of coffees from this farm, and we hope you enjoy this one too.
Easter Coffee & Chocolate Pairings | Velo Coffee Roasters

Easter Coffee & Chocolate Pairings

Hoppin’ along for coffee and Easter chocolate! Easter is right around the corner, and so is a restock of your favourite Easter chocolates from the Easter Bunny! We have put together some of our favourite Easter chocolate and Velo coffee pairings.
India Ratnagiri Estate | Velo Coffee Roasters

India Ratnagiri Estate

Let us introduce you to the Pearl Mountain Have you tried our Ratnagiri Estate coffee yet? Ratnagiri Estate is truly one of the leading coffee farms in India, and a great example of Olam and the coffee farmer working together in excellence. 
Myth-Busters : Coffee Edition | Velo Coffee Roasters

Myth-Busters : Coffee Edition

Myth-Busters! Coffee edition. If you’re like us here at Velo, you can’t start your morning without your delicious cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the most mythicised beverages in the world!
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