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Award Winning

Indulge in the rich, multi-award winning flavor of our specialty coffee roasted in Co. Cork, Ireland.

COVOYA Specialty Coffee

We source the best quality beans from our supplier who focuses on quality and sustainability

Excellent Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service for every order. Contact us for any questions or concerns.



What To Do With Leftover Coffee! - Velo Coffee Roasters

What To Do With Leftover Coffee!

Sep 22, 2021 Velo Coffee

Is there anything coffee can't do?! Don't throw away your leftover coffee, there's no need! We've all brewed more coffee than we can consume at one time, so why not store your coffee for later and use it in something else? We have some recommendations for you!

Importance Of Temperature Control - Velo Coffee Roasters

Importance Of Temperature Control

Sep 22, 2021 Velo Coffee

One of the most important aspects of brewing your coffee is controlling the temperature of the water for the brew. If the coffee is too hot, you can over-extract the coffee and it will taste bitter. You can also under-extract the coffee and it will taste flat! Goldilocks said it best, it needs to be "juuuuust right!" 

The Many Flavours of Velo! - Velo Coffee Roasters

The Many Flavours of Velo!

Sep 21, 2021 Velo Coffee

We have a variety of new coffees available for you to try! Dive into coffee with the Velo team!

The Best Biscuit For Your Coffee! - Velo Coffee Roasters

The Best Biscuit For Your Coffee!

Sep 21, 2021 Velo Coffee

Did you know that May 29th is National Biscuit Day? This is certainly a day that we recognise and celebrate, and we hope you will join us! If you need some more convincing, we have some delicious Velo coffee and biscuit pairing recommendations - check them out!

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  • "Fantastic service. Had a query which was dealt with instantly. An extra gift was included with my order which was a lovely touch."

    Liam O' Regan

  • "Next day delivery. Very competitive price. Loads of treats. Can’t beat it. And yummy coffee too"

    Annmarie O'Callaghan

  • "Amazing service. Ordered and delivered in less than 24 hours. Came with free Coffee beans too. Great company."

    Orna Brassil

  • "Best coffee I have ever had, period."

    Daire Curran